High Performance Electric Propellant Pumps for launch vehicles and spacecraft

At the heart of many space applications sits a pump, pumping cryogenic liquids or gases in the most harsh environments imagineable.

With the advent of electric vehicles, advanced motor and battery technology make electric propellant pumps viable for medium to small size launcher rocket-motors.


Orbital Machines is solving a major pain point for the micro launcher and spacecraft industry, building scalable electric motopump systems, ready to be implemented into your spacecraft project.


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Plug and Pump

We design bespoke, high-performance, electric propellant pump systems for microlaunchers and in-orbit aplications.

For the fast growing small launch vehicle industry, a common pain-point is developing the rocket engine’s turbopump. The electric-fed propellant pump (Motopump) provides a solution with less risk, cost and complications attached. The durability of the technology suits the growing trend of reusability, in addition to provide a solution for other NewSpace projects requiring long-lasting and easy-to-handle propellant pumps.

Pump Bodies

We design and manufacture high performance, high efficiency pump geometries tailored to space applications.

Electric Motors

Our electric motors are designed for the most extreme speeds and runtimes to give your rocket the little extra boost.

Battery Systems

Our battery technology is optimized for minimal weight, high power output and maximum safety. We work with the most respected battery technology providers of the industry.

The New Space Era

The New Space Era opens space for private businesses and organizations working to open the space frontier to human settlement trough economic development. A democratization of space.

Newspace projects includes small satellites, asteroid mining, space explorations,
space based propellant-stations and space tourism. The spear head of the economy is small satellites followed by small launch vehicles.

The key driver is reducing risk, cost and complexity for space transportation.



Electric-fed pump system (LOX / Ethanol) for the BPM100 (100kN) rocket-engine designed to power the SPICA rocket.

SPICA is Copenhagen Suborbitals final mission, with the ultimate goal of launching a human on a suborbital ride to space.



Electric-fed pump system ( LOX / RP1) for the Zephyr Microlauncher designed to carry 80kg of payload to Low Earth orbit.

We Are a Copenhagen Suborbitals Spin-Off

Orbital Machines is a spin-off of the legendary Copenhagen Suborbitals. With probably one of the most amazing, internet crowdfunded projects of all times, we are proud to build on the legacy and expertise of  the Copenhagen based rocketeers who are building rockets in a shed since 2008.

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