Investment in Orbital Machines

Being inspired by the democratization of space ushered in by the NewSpace era, we are proud to say that we are a fully crowdfunded company.


After two successful Norwegian equity crowdfunded campaigns we now have a strong and diverse pool of investors with a broad range of expertise and experience.

Europe-wide crowdfunding is live!

Investments of this nature carry risks to your capital

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Become a part of the New Space Era

Investing in Orbital Machines means you hold a stake in a true deep tech startup in the new entrepreneurial space age.

With our electric pump systems we work at the heart of the aerospace and space industry, cutting cost, complexity and reducing risk for our customers.

Join our adventure in becoming one of the leading suppliers for core components of rocket motors and other space applications like in-orbit fuel depots, asteroid mining operations or propellant plants on other planets.

We Are a Copenhagen Suborbitals Spin-Off

Orbital Machines is a spin-off of the legendary Copenhagen Suborbitals. With probably one of the most amazing, internet crowdfunded projects of all times, we are proud to build on the legacy and expertise of  the Copenhagen based rocketeers who are building rockets in a shed since 2008.

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