VOS / OM partnership

We have signed our first commercial customer; the french launch company Venture Orbital Systems. The main purpose of this collaboration is to develop a cutting edge propellant pump for Venture Orbital Systems´ nano-launcher, the Zephyr. The first project phase is underway since January 2021. The project aims for launches in 2023 and 2024

This is a milestone for our company and a great opportunity for the development of our nano-launcher, Zephyr, and our engine, Navier. We are pleased to enter partnership with Orbital Machines and their electric propellant pump will be a critical component, says CEO Stanislas Maximin from Venture Orbital Systems.

Venture Orbital Systems is a French start-up developing the nano-launcher “Zephyr”. VOS’ goal is to offer a simple and tailored-made launch service dedicated to CubeSats and NanoSats operators. in total the vehicle can carry 70kg of payloads into orbit. 

We are planning to iterate different versions of Navier during the next three years. This electric propellant pump will be part of our suborbital launcher which is scheduled to launch in 2023, and further our orbital launcher, Zephyr, scheduled for 2024. As we will have to develop and integrate numerous engines per year, Orbital Machines will be a crucial part of our objective, Maximin continues.

An orbital space launch vehicle contains more than 90% fuel and oxidizer, which is burned off in just a couple of minutes. This requires a very powerful and light pump, where a gas turbine has been the most feasible option until recently. These are both complex and hard to control and must be individually designed for each launch vehicle. 

Due to rapid improvements in battery technology and electric motors in the last years, electric propellant pumps are now a viable solution for several space applications including nano-launchers. Electric propellant pumps are more flexible, more affordable, and inherently safer. Most importantly, the technology can be standardized and easily adapted to new rocket engines, creating a huge commercialization opportunity. 

Our technology aims to make launches as simple and safe as possible. With Venture Orbital Systems we are able to move faster with our technology, making us available for further space missions in nearer future, says CEO Eivind Liland from Orbital Machines

We believe that Venture Orbital Systems will help us succeed in the highly competitive landscape of small satellite launchers. We are proud to supply them with the heart of their missions; the electric propellant pump, Liland continues.